The Magic Action Formula for deliberate creators

by Pernille Madsen

Picture of Blackboard with the Magic Action FormulaIn theory, we get what we want by simply wishing it and then leaving it to the Universe to deliver it.

But in practice, this tends to feel pretty passive, and for many deliberate creators it is hard not to interfere and take a lot of action.

However, taking action in the traditional way (hard work, sacrifice, pushing, stretching, enduring, controlling, etc.)  is not very helpful from a vibrational point of view.

Luckily, there is plenty of other action that we can take, that will be helpful from a vibrational point of view and will speed up the manifestation process.

And even though this kind of action is rather far from what we traditionally consider as action, it still is action, and even the smartest action you can take. Because it accelerates the manifestation (fulfillment) of your desire.

So here it is, presented as a 3-step formula:


Decide it + train your vibration + allow it = (faster) manifestation of your desire

1. Decide it

Basically, it is enough to want something, consciously or unconsciously. But sometimes we have been wanting something for ages, and it still hasn’t manifested.

In those cases, we can accelerate the manifestation process by actively deciding that now is the time!

Something happens to our energy, when we decide that now it is now! The desire suddenly feels more active, we become more focused and we release resistance. Deciding it may not feel very much like action, but in my opinion it is action, and it is very powerful!

2. Train your vibration

In order for a desire to manifest, we must first become a vibrational match to it.

Actions that train our vibration include:

  • appreciating what we already have
  • fantasizing about situations where we already have obtained the desired situation.
  • discovering and handling limiting beliefs
  • imagining how it will feel, once our desire manifests
  • acting as if we have already obtained the desired outcome
  • using any manifesting tool or method that helps you get used to feeling the way it will feel, once your desire has manifested.

The more we train our vibration, the faster the desire will manifest.

Note! It is important that you enjoy the training!

3. Allow it

Once we have trained our vibration enough, we must allow our desire to manifest.

Actions involved in this step include:

  • being open to synchronicities
  • saying YES to the opportunities that arise
  • following any inspiration with appropriate action – also when this is out of our comfort zone (which it often will be!)
  • relaxing, having fun and enjoying life
  • and – maybe the hardest one – sometimes be willing to let go and concentrate on something else for a while

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