LOA QUESTION: I see others have what I want, but not myself – what am I doing wrong?

by Pernille Madsen

Recently I was asked this question: 

I have this desire and now I see others having it, but not myself. That makes me feel very frustrated. Why can’t I have it? What am I doing wrong?

Here is my answer:

You are not doing anything wrong.

Actually, you are doing something right and you are on your way to having it yourself. But you are not there yet.

Seeing others have what you want is a clear sign that you are moving in the right direction. So it’s a good sign.

But it’s also a clear sign that you are not there yet, and that can feel very frustrating.

It’s all about energy and vibrations.

To have what you want, you must be a vibrational match.

This means that your vibration (= your thoughts, words, actions, feelings) must be a match to the having of what you want.

When you want something, and you don’t get it immediately, your vibration is not a match. So in order to get it, you must first adjust your vibration so that it becomes a match (= change your thoughts, words and actions around this specific topic).

When you start seeing others having what you want, it is evidence that you have improved your vibration enough to see it with others. But not yet enough to have it yourself.

So it’s a good sign; a sign that you are on your way to having it as well.

And at the same time, a sign indicating that you should keep on working on changing your vibration (your thoughts, words, actions) to become even more of a vibrational match.

You will know when you have become a vibrational match. It will be very clear to you.

Because once that happens, your desire will manifest and you will have it yourself. It has to. It is law. That is how the Law of Attraction works!

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