What is a default vibration?

by Pernille Madsen

A default vibration is the vibration that you have experienced for a certain period of time in a certain area of your life.

Default vibrations are what makes people experience the same situation over and over again, unless they do something deliberately to change it.

It’s because of the default weight vibe that a person can loose 20 pounds only to discover months later that the pounds are back again!

It’s because of the default love vibe that a woman who leaves her husband, because he treats her badly, ends up marrying another man who does exactly the same!

It’s because of the default money vibe that a person keeps experiencing the same financial situation almost no matter what happens.

This could be the reason why so many big lottery winners find themselves back where they started within a few years!

And why extremely wealthy people, who go bankrupt, become extremely wealthy again in almost no time.

In order to change a default vibration, you first have to become aware of it and then to give it your attention in various ways, until you are so used to and familiar with your new vibe that it becomes your new default vibration.

Or said in another way; as long as you focus on loosing weight, you can do it. But unless you make sure to change your default weight vibe, you will not be able to maintain the result, once you let go of the focus.

And as long as you are focusing on letting more money into your life, you can do it. But unless you make sure to change your default money vibe, you will at some point revert to you former financial situation.

Default vibrations are often referred to as set points, blueprints, upper limits or comfort zones.

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