What does it mean to ASK?

by Pernille Madsen

As deliberate creators we often talk about the importance of ASKING.

As in:

“I asked for more money and a week later I got an unexpected 1250 USD”.

But what does it mean to ask?

It means knowing what you want and expressing it in some way or other!

You can

  • write it down
  • say it out loud to yourself
  • tell it to someone you like
  • or you can simply think about it deliberately!

It’s not so important whether you call it

  • launching desires
  • setting goals
  • creating a vision

it’s all asking!

The important thing is that you become aware of what you want and clearly express it somehow.

I also like to think of it this way:

When you’re asking, your’re sending instructions to the Universe that “this is what I want, bring me this!”

Here is what Abraham Hicks once said about ASKING:

Humans think they are asking with their words, or even with their action, and sometimes you are, but the Universe is not responding to your words or your action. The Universe is responding to your vibrational calling. 

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