Am I responsible for bad things happening to other people?

by Pernille Madsen

A friend of mine asked me a very interesting question the other day. She is not at all Law of Attraction savvy, but has evidently been listening to what I’ve told her from time to time. And she sounded very worried while asking this:

If I’m in a train and for some reason suddenly start feeling terribly worried that an accident will happen, and it does, am I then responsible for the people who are injured in this accident? Cause that would sure give me such a bad conscience?

It’s easy for me to resonate with her question; I can still recall how worried I was about the exact same thing for quite a long time, when I started learning about and putting into practice the deliberate use of the principles of the Law of Attraction.

And if this resonates with you too and you are now starting to feel worried, the answer is NO!

You are never responsible for what happens to other people!!!

You are responsible for what happens to you. Other people are responsible for what happens to them.

It’s all about vibrations.

Let’s say you experience an accident that also involves other people. Let’s say you feel absolutely certain that your extremely worried thoughts were causing the accident. It is still not your responsibility what happened to the other people involved in the accident. For something bad to happen to them, they themselves must be a vibrational match to the outcome. Otherwise it could not happen.

It’s all about vibrations. We get what we vibrate.

And therefore you are never responsible for what happens to other people. They are.

But of course, the opposite applies as well: other people are never responsible for what happens to you. Never! What they think or say or do will never influence you, unless you are a vibrational match!

Daniel June 14, 2013 at 12:05 pm

I would say that is more of a six sense rather than a law of attraction issue


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