Jerry Hicks is dead

by Pernille Madsen on November 23, 2011

I was shocked (and very sad) today to learn that Jerry Hicks passed away on November 18, 2011

This is what Esther Hicks announced today:

Dear, dear Friends,

Our sweet Jerry made his transition into Nonphysical last Friday. How sweet the Vortex is feeling to him today!

Jerry said to me when we came together over 30 years ago that given the difference in our ages that it was likely “that I will cut out on you early,” to which I replied, “I don’t mind.” His joy of life and continual new discovery of purpose kept his life feeling fresh and we shared such joyous eagerness for life.

Over the years, Abraham has consistently insisted that there is no death. Again and again they have reminded us that there is only life and more life and more life. It has taken me some time to understand this, and I honestly must say I have not yet fully come to terms with it, but I do believe that in what we are calling Jerry’s death he is discovering the next logical step of life that Abraham has always been talking about. And at times I am catching a glimpse of the bigness of what Jerry is feeling and while I am still pretty mad at him for not sticking around longer to surprise and delight me in all the ways he has been doing throughout our 30 years together I accept fully that the next logical step of joyous life for Jerry was to be found in his re-emergence into Nonphysical.

Since 1985 it has been Jerry and Esther and Abraham and I believe with everything that I am that that has not changed. I know that Jerry will continue to be the third powerful point of the triad of Energy that makes up the Abraham experience and I am certain that his new vantage point will be, as it has always been, of advantage to us all.

I know for sure that Jerry will help me, in time, release my own personal resistance to physical death, because I will not be able to maintain that resistance and also play easily with him. And my desire to continue not only my Abraham experience but also my Jerry experience I am certain he will be the catalyst to help me do what Abraham has been trying to help us all do all along.

Once again, Jerry is out there leading the way for me. But the difference this time is that I must find the way. I am not there yet, but it is my absolute promise to myself that I will find the way, because it is the most natural thing in the world to do and because Jerry has provided for me the reason to do it.

I am eager about what is ahead and while I cannot begin to explain or even imagine the details of how it is all going to play out, I am certain that it will be fun.

I am such a fortunate girl, to have been able to play with Jerry and Abraham and all of you for so many wonderful years and I am so eager to continue doing more of the same for many more years to come. I feel certain right now that not only has nothing gone wrong, but things are going especially right. It will be different, for sure, but it will also be very, very good.

I’m feeling such love for you all, and for Abraham and most of all for Jerry. And as I have said to him a thousand or more times through the years, “Well isn’t life just a kick in the pants?”


I know Abraham says there is no “death”, nevertheless I feel pretty sad and feel that we just lost someone very dear, very wise and very important!

You are most welcome to leave a comment to express your feelings right now, your appreciation for Jerry or whatever you feel like commenting.

You might also want to know that there is an official appreciation site for Jerry:

Thank you so much, Jerry, for the huge difference you made to the world – and to me!

Faye August 29, 2014 at 11:07 pm

Everyone has a right to their opinion but don’t state things as fact. I know in my experience the facts which are detailed are correct more deaths are caused by medicine and doctors than by cancer. If you are on prescription medicines you increase your chances of disease including cancer as they make your body acidic as with all the advertised deodorant sprays and poisonous things they advertise as safe to use on our children and ourselves. You will see a medical revolution and see that the message is clear natural holistic healing is the best route. The body heals itself. The whole medical system is based on a one rule for all. Optimal blood pressure , cholesterol readings , glucose readings. Concoction of drugs pushed to bring blood pressure down when it’s not necessary in so many cases. Live a good and peaceful life and live long. 89 was a good age. Let Jerry rest in peace. Stop critiscing what you don’t understand or know. Doctors are not gods as we are socially programmed to believe. I’ve seen them kill so many people I love and never held to account but commended on how much they helped. If only we were educated to realise they only know what they were taught text book wise. Few doctors expand their knowledge by reading and being open minded about holistic medicine. They address the symptoms not cure the cause of underlying disease until so many are on a concoction of pills which slowly poisoning and ageing people. The truth will unfold soon. You will see. The beurocacy keeps naturopath healing at bay dismissing it at every turn and corner. There is no even free will to treat our children as we feel fit. They make it a law that children must receive drug therapy for cancer. How is this a socialist world ? No it is not.

Positive people give hope to people. All people want hope and so if you have nothing good to say about someone who has passed then do not write ill of the dead where you have been invited to leave your good wishes. Make the world a better place by being kind with your words …

Bob August 30, 2014 at 6:01 pm

Unusual , this blog is still alive after 3 years. All this talk about all things . Jerry and Esther, law of attraction, new age , flippant croaking .
Perhaps In truth there is basically 3 things: my business , your business ( all 7 million) and the creators business. If i am paying attention to yours and all others …. who is watching mine? Watch , listen , think, feel , get quiet, question what goes on inside you and feel the peace and the quiet power that is there.
Jerry’s death doesn’t show anything for you to know, it is far to great and unknowable and isn’t your business…. except to know he died and perhaps honor him if you wish.
SHHHHH dont say anything about anything ….. and know what is so, know what serves you…. what is true about anything and how you want to feel ! You are your Job and i am mine you cannot possibly know mine nor i yours. What we can do is truly know our own and thereby find the non- considered connection that lies therein. We can know what comes next if we only wish to see what is so! The so called law of attraction works every time it is allowed and not restricted or judged . It has too. The trick is it is your business and only your business if when why or is there for you. It’s like gravity …. it works every where it is supposed to it doesn’t work in space in a void of dense planetary pulls. Actually it still does work even there as the planets hold themselves in these complicated orbits. We just cant see it so well. Same with you … your LOA works always … depends on your pull. Meanwhile, tell us about you …. not me or jerry or the 2 million doctors in the world. Honor us , but tell us about you.



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