LOA - what is LOADoes the Law of Attraction only work if you believe in it?


The Law of Attraction always works!


Whether you are aware of it or not.

Whether you believe in it or not.

The Law of Attraction always works.

Everything that we experience is a result of what we have been attracting up till now. And we are all experienced in using the principles of the Law of Attraction and creating our own lives – most people are just not aware of it and are therefore attracting automatically and unconsciously.

Did you ever wonder why some people seem to be working hard year after year, seem to be financially responsible, and yet it is as if they never have enough money?

Or why some people seem to always be unlucky?

And then there are others who seem to always be lucky and with very little effort go from one success to the other?

Or you might even know it from your own life, how for longer periods of time everything seems to go wrong? And then for other periods everything seems to go right, smoothly and easily?

All of this is the Law of Attraction in action!

So the trick is to learn how to use your attraction power deliberately.

And that is precisely what this blog is about :-)

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Picture of DaffodilsThis is one of my favorite tools. It is simple and easy to use and it is incredibly effective – it works like magic!

Segment Intending is a mixture of setting goals and describing how you want a certain situation to unfold.

it is somewhat similar to holding positive expectations, only more active. And my experience is that the more I set intentions in everyday life situations, the easier it gets for me to have positive expectations in various situations!

In the beginning, it might be helpful to write down your intentions, but it is just as effective to simply say them out loud or think them by yourself.

You simply start by ”I intend to” and then you add as much as feels good to you. It could be something along the lines of describing

  • how you want the situation to unfold
  • the outcome you want
  • the atmosphere you would like to experience
  • how you want to feel and/or
  • how you would like others to feel during and after the situation.

Here is an example for inspiration:

If I am going to attend an important meeting, my intention setting might look like this:

I intend

  • to have an efficient meeting, where we begin and end right on time and stick to the agenda.
  • that we get to an agreement on xxx and get to conclude yyy.
  • to express myself clearly, so the others understand what I mean, and to listen carefully and understand what the others are saying.
  • that we all feel good during the meeting, that the atmosphere is light and pleasant and that we get to laugh several times.

In the beginning, it might feel pretty awkward to set intentions – it sure did to me!

I guess it’s simply because we are not used to doing so. 

However, I warmly recommend that you give it a try, as it does lead to the most incredible results.


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